Why should you consider hiring a business coach?

We explore some of the factors clients consider when thinking about working with a business coach.

There is general confusion around the differences between a business coach and a business consultant, this article explores that: https://catandra.co.uk/consultancy/consultant-coach-facilitator/


This should be put to one side; hiring a business coach is not an admission of failure or inadequacy. If we consider the personal trainer analogy (https://catandra.co.uk/consultancy/business-coaching-and-personal-training-analogy/), those who hire a business coach will see increased performance and growth through their company.

Many businesses are set up by people who have a great product or are great at sales; better than a business coach will ever be. Therefore, why hire a coach at all? Business coaches are experts in a different field and will help you become better at running and managing your company.

Cost or Investment

Many companies have a learning and development programme for their staff, this increases their individual skills and builds company wide capability.

So what about the owners and directors? Due to their seniority in a business, it is often assumed that the directors and leadership team are already capable. However, in a changing economy many business are run by entrepreneurs who have the drive to change the world but do not have the experience of a traditional board member.

To generate sustainable growth we need platforms and systems to build on; a business coach will help you implement these growth management systems.

Outside View

In our personal life we will often ask for other people’s views and opinions, however, in business we often shy away from doing this.

Asking for an impartial view helps us see things we are blinded to.

Directors and leaders in business are often embarrassed to ask or see doing so as a sign of weakness. A business coach will never judge you, we are there to open up conversations and explore ideas.

We often meet clients who have talked themselves into a rut, yet as we start working together we make quick positive progress.

We don’t have time for this

We often hear leadership teams saying “we can’t afford to take a day out of the office”.

If this rings true then you are suffering from key person risk, likely working too many hours and managing a business that is not operating efficiently. The functionality of a business explores having the right people, with the right skills, doing the right jobs. This balance helps create businesses that are more valuable and have leadership teams focusing on strategic activities rather than daily tasks.

There is a separate article around functionality that explores this subject in detail: https://www.catandra.co.uk/key-person-risk-indicator/

We don’t talk anymore

A lack of communication in a business can be symptomatic of many things:

  • People are too busy
  • There is no shared vision
  • A lack of structure
  • Different motivators
  • Broken professional relationships

Without good communication a business cannot run efficiently. As coaches we work with teams to become effective communicators, this is explored in detail here (https://catandra.co.uk/consultancy/improving-communication/)

Decision making

Businesses who struggle with decision making tend to be left behind as they fail to evolve. Lack of decision making can be caused by many factors including the risk profiles of teams and the different ways we all process information.

As with communication, decision making can be opened up and explored. When clients understand how decision are made, they are able to align themselves and create systems for making better business decisions.

What next?

Nothing a business coach or consultant does will add value without engagement.

As such clients often want to explore their team dynamics, decision making and communication first to bring the team together. To do this we offer a team dynamics facilitation day, please contact for more details.

Through bringing the team together and creating an environment of trust we are able to explore the business challenges. Without this first step transformation becomes impossible.

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