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See the forest… AND the trees

You need a business strategist — Why me?

Over my two-decades-plus business career, I’ve seen and solved virtually every problem out there.

You can’t empathise with business owners unless you’ve been one… and had to pay the mortgage. I’ve been in your shoes, so I know what it’s like.

When persistent issues are preventing business growth, it’s frustrating and bewildering. I help you step back and see things from a new perspective. It sharpens your focus.

So, why else should you ask me to help you?


20-plus years’ business experience. University of Bath MBA coach, and business coach at the University of Sussex.

new opportunities

I can see solutions and fresh opportunities which others can’t.


I understand the frustrations because I’ve been there myself.


I’m happy to roll up my sleeves to help you get things done.


I have a natural skill for spotting the cause of a problem…and solving it.

the right connections

If I lack the specific skill you need, I can call upon a huge network of trusted partners.

My name is Andy Wheeler. Are you ready for a chat? Call me on 01273 483 438 or if you prefer to write, hit the button below.

Consultancy Client
Start Up Consultancy

It’s your business strategy, no one else’s.

Tailored, bespoke, custom-built, personalised… Everyone says it. The trouble is, few do it.

I do. This is your business, no one else’s, so the solution will be unique.

You’re the expert at what you do, and you have your own way of working. I’m not going to come in and reinvent the wheel.

I listen carefully to what’s holding you back and take a long, hard look at your processes to find the underlying issue. Then I recommend realistic, achievable ways to save time, money and stress.

What’s happening in your business right now? Call me on 01273 483 438 or hit the button.

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