What does a business coach do?

A true business coach will support you in identifying your professional ambitions and developing a plan to achieve them.

As a business owner or director this means clarifying your vision (define) for the company, understanding the present position (engage) and supporting you in the journey towards that vision (deliver).

define – engage – deliver – grow

Firstly, why engage a business coach?

  • Running a business is hard work, you are keeping the business moving and don’t have time to reflect on what is really going on. The initial power of a coach or consultant is to provide an impartial third part view.
  • Being at the top is lonely, business leaders have no-one to talk to about their business challenges and a coach is able to create context around the challenges they have.
  • We are not all perfect. The best CEOs in the world rely on a team to support and advise them.
  • Re-connect with your business following a period of frustration that we all go through.

In short, a business coach will create the context around what you are doing and provide the expertise to help you realise your goals.

Once we have defined a client’s vision we need to create some perspective. Only through understanding where we are can we create a map for the journey that follows. A traditional business coach will provide support but lacks the technical expertise to coach through delivery.

Similarly, a consultant tells businesses what to do but won’t assist with the actual doing. Sustainable improvements require the buy-in of the everyone and cannot just be imposed from upstairs.

Clients engage us as hybrid coaches/consultants with the expertise and tools to empower them to make changes whilst upskilling the whole business. This is the exciting moment when you feel yourself learning and able to tackle challenges you thought were too complex and beyond you.

Try listing all of the reasons for not talking to us against the benefits of a free conversation to clear your mind.

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