Are you using your time efficiently?

63% of business owners and directors work more than 50 hours every week. Generally too much time is spent dealing with emails, customers and employees (lack of functionality).

Our clients want:

  • More free time
  • Less stress
  • More money

Why is functionality important?

Functionality is broken down into 3 areas of activity:

Revenue – revenue generating activities that include sales, marketing and customer management.

Infrastructure – background administration including finance, IT, operations and employee management.

Strategic – spending time actually growing the business i.e building strategy and asset value.

Having more time to spend working on our business means that we can focus on activities that create growth and increase asset value.

However, rather than simply working more hours to achieve this the goal is to reduce the total number of hours we work and use them more effectively. Shifting our focus to strategic and growth activities means spending less time on revenue and infrastructure.

Generally, we see business owners and directors are stuck working in their company and don’t have the time to step out and take an objective view, therefore, we have created a simple tool that allows you to visualise where time is spent. It is a wake-up call when people realise how much time is spent on firefighting. You can spend time increasing the value of your business through creating structure and systems that enable day to day operations to run more smoothly.

How do we improve functionality?

Taking just 30 seconds a day for 2 weeks you can analyse your activity; that is a 7 minute investment that could redefine how you spend your time and shift your focus to:

  • Have more free time to spend how you wish
  • Live a less stressful lifestyle
  • Increase your business value and earnings

The free tool and diary are available here (, please share with those you feel would benefit from creating more time.


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