A specialist insurance broker engaged us to undertake a strategic review of their business.

Context for the engagement

The directors wanted to increase the amount of time they spent working on growing their business to increase long term value.


Taking the directors out of the business for a day when undertook a strategic review to initially identify what was currently taking most of the director’s time and attention.

After coaching the team through the revenue chain model we identified 2 areas where we could immediately make an impact:

Functionality: After the team analysed how they spent their time, we were able to decrease their workload and upskill other areas of the business to reduce the dependence on their knowledge.

Positioning: Coaching through our positioning model the directors identified opportunities that exist within the business already and were able to create an immediate sales increase that represented 10% of total turnover.

strategic business review

delivered 10% revenue uplift

increased director’s remuneration

business value rising


The leadership team are now spending more time growing their business having shifted focus away from the day to day activities. This has been achieved whilst reducing the overall amount of time they actually spend working (improved functionality).

With a better understanding of their positioning the company has identified a lucrative product line that is increasing turnover 10% year on year.

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