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What impact would better communication and improved decision making have on your leadership team or business?

We have recently added the suite of Compass Behavioural Indicators to our service offering. Developed by the global business services firm Shirlaws, Compass indicators have been designed to help people make better business decisions and be more effective.

These are not psychometric tests; instead they are used as part of team facilitation and coaching to help leadership understand and improve their communication. These indicators have been used across teams of directors, departments and businesses globally with great success.

What are the Benefits?

The commercial benefits that businesses see include:

  • The ability to make better investment decisions;
  • A focus on creating a growth strategy;
  • Improved project management;
  • Increase customer engagement.

There are also cultural benefits that are immediately evident; chief among these is improved communication and a better understanding of team dynamics.

How do they Work?

The indicators take around 15 minutes each to complete with each participant receiving a comprehensive report. On their own these give you a good indication of:

  • How you communicate with people;
  • Your leadership/management style;
  • Your decision making process;
  • The speed at which you work;

As a team the reports become even more powerful; enabling you to improve group communication, reduce friction and create development plans.

For more information and pricing please get in touch (hello@catandra.co.uk.)

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