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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Benjamin Franklin

Coaching Investment

– Would you pay £10k to achieve an additional £100k profit?

– What value do you place on spending time with your family?

– Would you like to have the time to go on the ultimate 6 month trip?

– How did you feel when you missed that important event due to ‘work’?

Whether you are looking for more time, more money or less stress our pricing is structured accordingly. 

We ask larger companies for a bigger investment because of the additional complexities and greater financial uplift.

Smaller business benefit from the same high-quality service and are asked to invest less because the numbers involved are not as big.

Individuals cannot be categorised and the benefits are often not measured through financial indicators, yet this work is no less important.

We typically charge around 10% of the uplift you will see through working with us.

The scope is agreed at the start of our working relationship and should you not see the results you expect within 6 months we provide free coaching until you do.

“A great business coach hangs around in tension; creating the awkward, energetic moments that demand resolution and enable the magic to happen”

Still unsure?

Coaching is an experiential process; whilst we have unique systems and processes, the magic is through the conversation and interaction.

This is impossible to convey because it is unique for everyone, yet some people prefer tangible products and services. Therefore, we have provided one example of a model that we have developed along with 3 sample engagements:

Business Growth System Define Design Deliver Evolve

Strategic Business Review (SBR) – 1 day

This is a full day spent with the leadership team that gets to the very bottom of the business and asks the fundamental question: is everything your business does aligned with your purpose?

We explore every part of the business with the leadership team who left with no doubt about what is great and where there is room for improvement. Through this process the team identify where the business is relative to where they want to take it, this begins the process of moving forwards – a strategy is born.

Having identified areas to build upon within the business some teams go away and start creating for themselves. Others look for a bit of assistance and engage us to design and implement their strategy.

Business Positioning – 2 or 3 sessions

Positioning is a strategic choice of focus with the aim of being at the forefront of your ideal customers mind when they need your product or service.

Most businesses don’t have a defined positioning and as such waste money on marketing and have poor sales conversion ratios. These sessions analyse your business focus – who you serve (market), how you serve them (service), what you are providing (product) and the value you deliver.

Utilising market and competition analysis you will develop a positioning strategy that enables you to stand out and separates you from any perceived competition.

At the end of a positioning project a company is clear around who it is, will begin creating a competitive advantage in their market and is able to clearly identified by potential customers.

Easing your Business out of Lockdown – as required

All businesses are changing and many are taking a reactive approach rather than planning a way forward that will work for their staff, customers and suppliers.

There is no ‘model’ or solution around moving businesses out of lockdown because this is an exceptional situation.

As such, we are working on a business by business basis to help leadership teams understand what is the best solution for their company. We are then developing working strategies that evolve with the situation.

Through implementing a variety of systems we enable these business thrive in the ‘new normal’.


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