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International recruitment

Global postings for professionals in retail, logistics and supply chain

International postings open up a world of experiences and opportunities to experienced professionals.

  • Faster career progression than in the UK
  • Help grow local economies and develop local team performance
  • Experience new places and cultures
  • Learn language skills
  • Increased net income in low-tax economies

International businesses are constantly on the lookout for flexible talent, making for an incredibly exciting recruitment journey. Catandra help retail, logistics and supply chain professionals find inspiring roles away from home.

Securing a position abroad – the process

Our clients trust us to take control of the international recruitment process to deliver absolutely the right person to the right role. The process will normally look something like this:

  • Initial telephone screening for role and location
  • Skype interview with the prospective employer
  • A trip overseas to meet the client including face to face interviews (at the client’s expense).

Committing to a job overseas is a significant step. Catandra provide support at every stage to ensure that candidate relocation is a stress-free, enjoyable journey.

Hiring the best international talent

The world is a relatively small place and retail, logistics and supply chain professionals are increasingly looking to fast track their careers with an international posting. Catandra are retained by select international businesses to manage their search and secure candidates.

Expanding into new territories

We help recruit international management teams to help quickly establish new operations worldwide whilst helping to build and train sustainable local teams to take control over the long term.

Transfer of skills internationally allows corporate best practice to be embedded and localised in harmony with local business and social cultures.

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International roles

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