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"Our business is building the capability that enables our people to perform"

Employee engagement will support you in delivering your business vision

A strategy and business vision will only be realised if your company works together to deliver; our solutions are designed to deliver through creating higher employee engagement:

  • Effective communication
  • Supportive management style
  • Staff value and recognition
  • Desirable environment
  • Internal learning and development
  • Strong brand image
  • Service delivery
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How to engage employees – factors impacting engagement


  • Company Vision
  • Management Style
  • Culture
  • Staff Value
  • Career Development
  • Stress
  • Autonomy
  • Communication
  • Recognition 

Moving Forwards

If you suffer from low workforce engagement don’t panic, you are not alone and there is a fix.

The process outlined below is similar to the framework we use and allows you to understand and develop your business culture. Through understanding these 10 factors you can combat low engagement and build a more enjoyable working environment.

Note. There is no quick fix for low engagement. For example, increasing salaries will have an immediate impact but it will be short lived as people revert back after a month or two. Clients engaging us as workforce engagement consultants understand it is a process.

A shared reality

We coach your leadership team to engage and consult employees through any change. When you articulate your vision and the impact of change across the business, you can increase employee engagement.

Our approach reduces the resistance to change by engaging the whole business in the journey resulting in positive outcomes.

Designing the journey

Once business vision is defined we sit down with you to plan the journey; we create a working strategy document that evolves with time. This document explores every part of the business and provides an implementation strategy that ensures successful delivery.

Through sharing this document within your business, you increase employee engagement and create the opportunity for input and insight that the leadership team cannot provide on its own.

Workforce engagement consultants

Throughout every assignment we actively monitor employee engagement and motivation levels across the business to minimise resistance.

This also provides the opportunity for anyone to provide input and shape the journey. Our view is that management are ultimately responsible for performance but recognises that employees at all levels can provide valuable insight. The higher employee engagement is the more likely the team are to give proactive input.

Creating a thinking environment

A thinking environment ensures every member of the team has the opportunity to provide input without being judged. Clients find this approach very powerful because it means that no individual can influence the group as a whole. 

Common business challenges

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Addressing Employee Engagement

Review the Current Situation
Undertake surveys and get feedback to understand what is happening now.

Set a Clear Vision
Everyone should understand the bigger picture.

Effective Communication
Open, honest and regular communications.

Develop Trust Relationships
The ABCD trust model shapes your actions to do this.

Learning and Development
Training and development helps employees develop skills and creates achievement.

Develop an Organisational Strategy
You will have identified problem areas and this strategy addresses them.

Recognise Roles
Are your managers equipped with the skills and support to share your vision.

Listen to Employees
Act upon the information and feedback you receive.

Reward and Recognition
Are systems in places to fairly compensate employees?

Culture of Engagement
Develop and maintain a culture that builds values, integrity, communication and trust.

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