How to find a business coach

Before reading any further you want to be clear about why you are talking to business coaches and understand what you are looking to achieve. This article will help that thought process:

If you are still confused between coaches and consultants then this article explains the difference:

You have now decided to speak to a business coach, what next? How do you find a good business coach?

Ask People you Know

The best way to find a coach is through talking to people you know. You should ask your trusted network which coaches they have worked with and who they would recommend. Our clients come through introductions and referrals; this ensures a level of trust and confidence.

However, if you don’t know anyone who has working with a business coach then you will need to do your own research.


If you put a Boolean search term such as “business coach” AND “East Sussex” into Linkedin, you will be given a list of business coaches in East Sussex. You can then see for each profile whether you have any shared connections, if so, this is a good opportunity to ask for a recommendation or insight.

You can find our company page here, follow us for updates aimed at businesses like yours.

Lead generation services such as allow you enter and search for requirements. Business coaches then pay for the lead; once your details are passed across the coaches will make contact. Bark does not differentiate between coaches and the services they offer, therefore it it is slightly limited and there is no guarantee of quality because any business can register and pay for your

Go Networking

Through attending networking events that business coaches attend, you can meet them face to face. There is such a variety of coaches that it pays to get out there and understand who is around and what they do. This is also great for talking to people without committing in advance. Around the UK there are a number of networking organisations such as 4N and BNI, there are also a large number of events at towns and cities throughout the UK so look for those that are relevant to what you do and go along.

For example if you enjoy golf we run a monthly networking event at Mannings Heath in Horsham.


The majority of people simply ‘Google It’. If you google “East Sussex Business Consultants”, you will see 20m results. We would suggest exploring different coaches to understand what they do and get a feel for their approach.

With Google it is advisable to look for businesses that have reviews, this provides a good indication of the work they undertake and how well they deliver.

Have you decided?

For re-assurance you cannot beat asking for recommendations. Through talking to people who have worked with business coaches you can gauge what you require and who to speak to.

A business coach should meet you for an hour or so to understand more about you and your business, this also gives you the opportunity to learn about them and ask any questions you have, including:

  • What does a typical engagement look like?
  • What frameworks/methodologies do you use?
  • What is your specialism?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Can you provide evidence of recent work?
  • How do you deliver?
  • What does a successful assignment look like?

By asking these questions you will get a rounded view of any business coach you meet.

Fundamentally you need to be clear in your mind what you are expecting a coach to deliver, if you don’t have clear expectations you will not achieve what you want to.

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