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Why do some businesses have a reputation for attracting and retaining the best people?

Struggling to Recruit?

Attracting the Best Talent

Attracting the best people to your business is no simply down to salary; employees consider more factors and only by offering a complete package will you attract the best people. Many companies are struggling to recruit because they have lost touch with what is important to employees.

What People Look for

  • Salary
  • Commute
  • Flexible Working
  • Pension and Benefits
  • Maternity/Paternity
  • Business Reputation
  • Engaging Recruitment Process
  • Working Environment
  • Learning and Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a Desirable Business

Struggling to recruit the best people can be down to a number of factors, no business is perfect but by working through some of the following ideas you will make yourself a target company for job seekers.

Too many companies take the attitude that people will come to them – that is why they are struggling to recruit. In an economy with low unemployment it is hard to attract the best talent and to do do requires standing out.

Common business challenges

Talent Video

Creating a Business that Attracts Talent

Benchmark Salary
Salaries are not everything but you should be within 10% of the market rate.
Flexible Working
Employees highly value being trusted to work remotely and the flexibility it brings.
Recognise the importance of parenthood and offer flexible leave.
Engaging Recruitment Process
Design a process that engages, supports and provides feedback to candidates.
Learning and Development
People look for businesses that provide further career development opportunities.
Consider your core working hours allowing employees to avoid peak travel.
Pension and Benefits
Look beyond state pension and ask your people what benefits they would like.
Business Reputation
Consider how your business reputation impacts candidate decision making.
Working Environment
Consider the impact surroundings have on your employee well-being.
Corporate Social Responsibility
The impact your business has and its reputation will resonate with potential employees.

The growth phase of a business impacts how you can attract the best talent.

Candidates want to work in a business that is moving forwards, if they you are static or declining they will not be interested. If you feel this might be the case then take 5 minutes to complete our business health check.

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