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Webinar – 5 Focal Points for your Business as Lockdown Eases

This will be a straight-talking seminar delivering real advice and practical action points to grow your business as lockdown eases.

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Date: Wednesday 1st July
Time: 15:00 – 17:00 (GMT)
Investment: £50+vat
Host: Andy Wheeler, Founder of Catandra

We are facing incredibly uncertain times; the only thing we do know is that we will get through this and the economy will recover but inevitably many business will fail or stall.

This 2-hour seminar is aimed at businesses who are not facing the firing line but are unsure about what they should be doing given global uncertainty.

Testimonials from previous online events:

Thanks for the thought provoking webinar this morning Andy, it was good to hear some perspectives from other business owners as well as your macro-economic analysis and toolkit to help us plot a course through the uncertain times.

Rob S, Managing Director

Thanks Andy, this was a great way of having a high level snapshot of the business world and where we currently are, and also getting the chance to have a ‘group coaching interaction’ – not easy to get personal feedback when you’re self-employed.

Shirley H, HR Consultant

The bog boys like Heinz, Walkers, Typhoo and other brands have seen fluctuating demand, are facing financial uncertainty and consequently reducing their product lines.

I assume you are as well?

We will cover 5 topics that are key to giving you some clarity and focus:

  1. Demand forecasting

We need to understand how much we are going to sell given what we are already doing over the next 3/6/12/18 months.

  1. Finance

What will these projections mean for our finances because this will dictate who we can afford to employ and the resources we have available.

  1. Capacity and Capability

Having established what our team looks like and what they are working with we will need to establish what that means in terms of our capability to service customers.

  1. Marketing

The world has changed and if we assume that we can sell what we used to, to the same people we used to in the same we that we used to. We will fail.

  1. Product

Given the above information we can review what products/services we should be offering, what we should shelve and where there is an opportunity to develop.

This will be a straight-talking seminar delivering real advice and practical action points. Participants are encouraged to jump in with questions throughout and bring real life experiences with them.

Presented by Andy Wheeler the founder of Catandra this seminar will be facilitated by Zoom with a break in the middle to make a brew, reflect on what we have discussed and avoid getting Zoomed out.


Who is the webinar for/is there a section criteria?

Any business owners/directors who have the appetite to do more than just survive.

Is there an on-going commitment?

No, the webinars are structure das one off sessions.

About Us

Founded in 2015, Catandra are a hybrid business coaches and consultants based in Lewes, Sussex.

As business coaches we support business leaders who have the desire to grow their businesses but are not sure what steps to take in what order.

Our unique hybrid approach, coaches leadership teams and businesses to build the capabilities that enhance profitability and deliver sustainable growth.

Many business owners and leaders have the same ambitions:

– Increase profits

– Reduce stress

– Improve work/life balance

The majority are not sure how to achieve this and need help, we bring clarity around what to do next.


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