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Event – Growth Workshop

How to move your business onto the next stage

Date: Friday 31st January
Time: 08:00 – 10:00
Address: NatWest’s Accelerator Hub, Brighton
Price: FREE to attend and free onsite parking

Are you looking to grow or exit your business?

In this interactive workshop we will be introducing 5 growth management systems that our clients deploy. The 5 systems we will be exploring are proven to create sustainable growth:


The business journey – do you understand where your business is in relation to its own life cycle, the general economy and where you could be investing to grow?

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Knowing where you spend your time – is it on daily revenue and cost activities or making time for strategic thinking that will move you forwards?

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Your place in your market – are you the first business that comes to mind when your target customers think of the product or service you provide?

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How you reach your audience – do you rely on direct sales or do your distribution channels source business for you?

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Equity Value

Creating asset value – is your business building equity value that allows the leadership team to take a step back and consider sale options?

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This free seminar will engage the audience and create discussions around each model to start addressing real world challenges. Given the nature of this discussion, participant numbers will be limited.

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The event is being held at NatWest’s Accelerator Hub in Brighton.
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