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Employees Leaving?

How to retain your best people

It can cost up to £30,000 to replace an employee who leaves and that does not take into account the psychological impact on the business. To enable long term growth we want to be nurturing the team whilst investing to increase performance and reduce the number of employees leaving the business.

Why do employees leave?

  • Poor Management Style
  • Bad Culture
  • Lack of Career Progression
  • Undervalued
  • Over Worked
  • Stress
  • No Professional Development
  • Un-Competitive Package
  • Business is Static
  • Financial Stability

Moving Forwards

Many businesses suffer from high staff attrition, employees leave for many reasons so you are not alone and there are solutions.

Outlined below are steps that can be taken to support your employees and ensure they want to stay with your business.

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Employees leaving can be an indicator of a frustrated or stressed business; if you feel this might be the case then take 5 minutes to complete out business health check.

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Stop Staff Leaving

Create a Supportive Management Style
Do you support your team or are you running an autocratic business where employees are have no free will.

Offer Career Development
People like to map their career progression which can help you plan ahead.

Do Not Overwork
In today’s world people do not want to take work home with them.

Provide Learning and Development
Training and development helps employees develop skills and creates achievement.

Keep the Business Moving
People get bored doing the same task, if your business is not moving forwards neither are they.

Build a Welcoming Culture
Culture should provide a welcoming, supporting environment.

Create a Feeling of Value
Do you management team provide feedback and support to their teams.

Reduce Stress
If you expect too much of people without providing support and resources they will burn out.

Offer Competitive Packages
Salary range within industry roles if no secret, undertake a salary review if you are unsure.

Create Financial Stability
Ensure that you keep staff abreast of developments that they may hear about in the press before they go public.

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