Management Consultant and Business Coach in East Sussex

More businesses are working with local consultants and coaches who understand their unique geographical market. East Sussex has a vibrant and growing business community and Catandra is well placed to support local companies and leadership teams.

Working with a unique set of tools and frameworks our approach is to coach and develop capability, taking an active involvement we help you clarify your objectives and support you through the journey to achieve them.

As consultants we do not take a text book approach, instead we engage with businesses to understand their requirements and build a tailored approach to achieving their goals. Having worked with a range of SMEs and listed companies we know that everyone is different and our consultancy approach reflects that.

Brighton is fast becoming a tech hub as more companies move away from London and being based in the Sussex countryside enables us to serve business across the cost and around the Gatwick diamond. As a boutique consultancy we have the flexibility that larger firms lack and this enables us to provide a high quality service.

Many business leaders lack the time to really work on their businesses because they are focussed on daily challenges. Working with Catandra’s consultants enables you to step back and look at the bigger picture; implementing growth management systems that will create long term value.

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