Establishing that we are not perfect is the first step to improving ourselves and our business; the owner who spends 100 hours a week juggling tasks or the manager who can’t seem to make the next move in their career.

Self-awareness and development should be applauded and is the first step to growing your business value and you as an individual. However, with so many experts around who should we turn to for support?

  • Consultants are generally seen as subject matter experts who will diagnose problems and create a strategy for solving them;
  • Coaches are perceived as having the soft skills to support self-development;
  • Facilitators often get overlooked and undervalued in the support they provide to individual and team development.

If we can combine these roles then we can create something quite unique; the ability to self-diagnose problems before developing the skills and knowledge to conceive and implement solutions. To do this we need to work with people who have the technical expertise of a consultant along with the softer skills of a coach and the mentality to work as a facilitator.

This hybrid approach allows specialist firms to empower and train leadership teams to evolve and grow organically. It is not something that one can just decide to do but requires training and experience, as such very few businesses are able to provide this level of service. Working within a network of like-minded professionals enhances the proposition as experts support and learn from one another.

As hybrid business consultants we see the real benefit is felt by clients who not only improve their short term performance but also see the long term gains and new found ability to innovate.

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