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Perform better with Compass Behavioural Indicators

Join the thousands of people who are using Compass behavioural indicators to raise their performance and become highly effective.

About Compass

Developed by the global business services firm Shirlaws, Compass indicators have been designed to explore leadership team dynamics. Through understanding individual styles, we can explore the corresponding impact on communication, leadership and decision making across the business. Through the deployment of Compass, clients develop the ability to make better business decisions and operate more effectively. 

Through describing your fundamental behaviours in a management/business context and by mapping and understanding where you are now, you can use the tools to help you navigate your future path.

The indicators are designed to be behavioural tools not personality profiles (like many of the profiling tools on the market). As part of the Shirlaws network we are licensed to deploy the indicators and coach clients to use them.

Commercial Benefits

– Make better investment decisions quicker

– Create a focus on growth strategy

– Improve project management

– Increase customer engagement

Cultural Benefits

– Improve communication

– Understand management team dynamics

– Reduce tension and unlock potential blockers

– Create a positive feeling in the boardroom

Introducing the 4 Compass Indicators

Communication Style Image
Communication Style People Image


The TFK Indicator is a tool designed to show you how your personal communication style relates to others, enabling you to communicate more effectively with everyone you meet.

Download sample TFK report


Pace Image
Pace Swirl Image


The Pace Indicator is a tool designed to help you identify your most productive way of living and working, allowing you to improve your overall sustainability and performance.

Download sample PACE report

ELM Image
ELM People Image


The ELM Indicator is a tool designed to give you greater understanding of how your aptitudes support your current role, allowing you to see where you fit within your team and organisation, and how you could develop your future role.

Download sample ELM report

Risk Image
Risk Profile Image


The Risk Indicator is a tool designed to help you and your business make faster, more aligned strategic choices, allowing your management team to outperform the competition.

Download sample RISK report

For Teams

The compass behavioural indicators are often used to understand communication in a team environment. Each team member receives a bespoke report, through analysing individual’s traits you can improve group communication, reduce friction and create development plans. These indicators have been used across teams of directors, departments and businesses globally with great success.

For Individuals

Whilst the indicators are most powerful when used in the context of a team, you can use these reports to explore how you operate. This allows you to make positive work/life changes and also understand how you communicate and are received by others.


Single indicator – £45 (TFK, Pace, ELM or Risk)

Suite of 4 indicators – £90

Contact us directly to order, every user is provided with a unique login to access the indicators on the Shirlaws Compass website. As a partner we are able to offer the indicators for less than the advertised public price, there is a further discount available if you are buying a quantity of indicators (5 or more)

Facilitation Day

To get maximum benefit from the indicators, we recommend running a dedicated session with a trained facilitator/coach. They will spend a day or half a day (depending on numbers) with your team to analyse the reports and explore what this means for your communication, decision making and performance.

Price is dependant on the number of participants

Not sure if Compass is right for you? Take a look at our coaching and consultancy services or get in touch directly to learn more.

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