Energy Management

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Sussex Pages are currently producing an A-Z on the life of the entrepreneur and business owner, Andy recently wrote a piece around energy management. 

As an entrepreneur, your energy is infectious to those around you.

How many times have you met someone and been blown away by energy and enthusiasm with which they talk about their business? You find yourself drawn in and wanting to know more.

Conversely, recall the times you have met people who almost seem bored when talking about what they do.

Entrepreneurs don’t perform miracles every day, sometimes it can feel like you’re standing still or even moving backwards, keeping your energy up is imperative in growing a business.

As energy levels drop so does our motivation which impacts our own productivity. If you’re having a good day you can lead the team to great things, having a bad day and that negativity is infectious to those around you.

To build a great business you want to be operating with positive energy, but how is this possible when there is so much to worry about?

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