A start-up business asked us to develop a working strategy document ahead of a key pitch.

Context for the engagement

The directors wanted to bring a new cycling product to market. Whilst the product is fully developed the team want to raise funding and secure the support of a third party to manage the launch. Consequently, the context of engagement was to develop a working strategy document that could be used to create a business plan.


In the course of an afternoon we ran a strategic review of the business which became the foundation for the business plan.

Through breaking down every part of the product journey the client was able to clearly identify what strengths they have internally and what should be outsourced. As part of this we designed a product strategy so that partners and investors could see a clear vision and roadmap.

Utilising the Architecture Content Marketing (ACM) model the client was able to clearly define what was required to get their product launched. In this instance it meant finding a catalyst that would bring the product to life – creating a WOW factor through the marketing.

By clarifying what was required from a marketing partner the client was able to create a capability matrix.


Having defined the context for meeting with marketing partners and the required capabilities. The client was able to produce a pre-meeting document that clearly set out expectations.

This was used in advance of meetings to ensure a technical synergy and provide potential partners with a clear product background and vision.

Beyond that, the strategy review has become a working business plan that is evolving. As the business grows this document ensures the company remains aligned with its true vision. It also means every decision is supported by a strategy that will ensure long term growth.

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