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What does your Business Score?

The Unique Business Balance Scorecard

Are you you where you want to be in business and life?

If not, do you know what is holding you back?

The scorecard asks the questions that will give you the answers.

Why take the business scorecard?

Scorecards are often used as a data capture exercise; they ask you some generic questions before taking your details.

This business scorecard is different.

The business balance scorecard has been developed to give you real solutions and action points. The results and corresponding actions are tailored to your score. This enables you to see what is going on, before doing something about it.

You can shift the feeling of frustration and discover the sense of relief that clients feel.

How does the business scorecard work?

The questions are categorised into the common themes. These business themes give a strong indication of how a company is performing and whether the owners are achieving their personal goals.

The tailored results create real value. Taking elements of business coaching methodology, the results introduce concepts that you can use in your business without being coached.

What are the business scorecard questions?

We have created a set of questions we use when helping businesses and business owners. The output is a set of scores across a range of insights, along with an overall score. These scores give you a view on how you really feel about your business and your work life balance.

It acts as a ‘selfie’ snapshot for where you and the business are today. You can take stock and consider whether you are where you would like to be. If not, it could be time to think about changing things.

The questions are framed as statements – all you have to do is assess on a scale of 1 – 100 how strongly you agree or disagree with them. It is your view that sets the benchmark.

The business scorecard cover 6 essential areas:

  • Business vision & strategy
  • The products and services you offer
  • Your go-to-market position and channels
  • Your people and their performance
  • Customer focus and leverage
  • Your role and work-life balance
Business Coaching Balance Scorecard

For those who want to be proactive in embracing change, your scorecard also includes recommendations and action tips, correlated to your results, that can kickstart the process of transformation.

If you then think it would be good to have somebody to talk to about them, get in touch.

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