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The most successful businesses connect to their purpose and deliver a vision.

Defining your Business Vision and Making it a Reality

People are the heart of every business, our unique consultancy offering gets to the core of your organisation and works with you to drive engagement, growth and profitability by focusing on your people.

  • Business Vision & Strategy
  • Management Style
  • Employee Engagement
  • Customer Focus
  • Cultural Reform
  • Internal Development
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Image and Reputation
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Business Vision vs Reality

Successful companies define their business vision and drive towards it; we work alongside business leaders to define their business vision, create a plan for sustainable growth and implement it. Helping you shape your business through distinctive market positioning and business strategies built around a pipeline of skilled, empowered and motivated management talent.

Businesses built around people


Catandra’s business is built around people; recruiting and retaining the right people by developing company cultures that actively support innovation, teamwork and professional development. Sharing your business vision is key to engaging your staff and customers.

Strategies built on customers


Our impartial external perspective allows us to see your business from the customer perspective, taking a step back from the everyday to help define your offering. We can help you distil what makes you different and in turn help you develop customer-focused strategies that will grow a distinctive and successful business.

Common business challenges

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What is your Business Vision?

Leadership Ambition
Companies are shaped by leaders, understanding leadership ambition shapes what we can do.
Identify your Market
Knowing who you exist to serve allows you to tailor your strategy.
Building Culture
Creating a supportive culture ensures that your wider team support your vision.
Ethical Stance
Consumers are more concerned around your business practices than ever before.
Long Term View
Most businesses change their long term perspective as the world moves around them.
Director Motivation
Business decisions are shaped by personalities, understanding how your team thinks drives planning.
What do you Deliver
Engaging your customers provides insight into their purchasing decisions and loyalty.
Profits and People
A pure focus on profits will alienate your workforce and restrict growth.
Short Term Targets
Cashflow remains key and delivering long term growth requires a solid foundation.
Business Strategy
Once you understand what you are here to deliver we can build a successful strategy.

Exercise to define your business vision

We have created a free exercise that helps you define and articulate your business vision, it can be found on the resources page or through this link: business vision worksheet. This worksheet introduces key concepts and ideas to help you take the first steps in clarifying your business vision.

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