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Business Growth Hack Coaching Programme

For Ambitious Business Owners & Entrepreneurs who are Serious about Growing their Businesses

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Young businesses have great aspirations but translating these dreams into progression and growth is a huge challenge.

Our coaching and growth management systems benefit these businesses greatly, however, we recognise that the investment required is often beyond them.

The Concept

To address this and allow these businesses to access the support they need to grow we have developed the small business growth hack coaching package. 

This monthly online business coaching is available to businesses with a turnover of up to £3m by invitation only (if you turnover £3m+ please get in touch directly to discuss options). Due to the heavily discounted rates we only support a limited number of clients at any one time.


Sustainable growth requires a shift in perspective and a skillset many business owners never master.

Engaging with a coaching programme enables you to learn these skills and elevate your business performance.

The Business Growth Journey

The Business Growth Journey

How does it work?

The growth hack programme has been designed specifically to enable early stage businesses to grow through regular online coaching sessions every month.

The reason most early phase businesses fail (95% of them) is because they do not have a tightly defined vision, market and offering; in an attempt to generate early sales they over promise, over service and under charge. This is not sustainable.

We have developed a unique coaching system that enables you to grow your business by aligning your vision with your customer’s:

Define a business vision and that of the target market.

Design a straightforward plan to engage that market with targeted offerings.

Deliver that plan.

Evolve the plan to grow or exit.

As the system is deployed you will develop a working document that develops into a living strategy handbook, evolving with you. When you come to the point of seeking funding or exiting your business, this handbook will provide you with something tangible and clear for others to understand the value in your business.

Is it for me?

Do you have the desire to grow your business but are not sure what steps to take?

Would you benefit from an impartial confident who can hold you accountable?

Have you considered a coach before but always been uncertain about the investment and guaranteed results?

Are you looking for a business coaching programme that is tailored to you rather than a prescribed ‘system’?

Have you considered creating and documenting a business strategy for future investors but are not sure where to begin?

Do you have 1 hour free to explore the future of your  business?

If the answer to these questions is yes then we can assist you.

Business Growth Hack Programme
A true hacker, is a creative problem solver who gives back to the community and supports ideals such as freedom, efficient communication, and a strong sense of community.
Eric S.Raymond

What is the investment?

We recognise that now more than ever businesses need certainty on pricing. With this in mind, we have devised a program that delivers this assurance whilst maintaining the tailored and responsive nature of our model.

This is a journey (as cliché as it may sound) and as a result you need time to see results; we will only invite businesses onboard who we feel will excel through the programme. We find that a commitment of 6 months is best, however, we appreciate that in the current climate this sort of financial commitment is daunting. Therefore, we have decided not to ask for a contractual commitment, instead, we ask that you make a personal and emotional commitment to engage in the process.

Note. We carry out a short screening process to ensure that this coaching programme it is the right fit for you and your business.


Please complete the form and we will contact you to arrange an initial consultation.

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Does your business turnover more than £3m? Please contact us to expore our SME coaching solutions.
I look forward to working with you again in the future – the service you have offered, start to finish, has been superb.

HR Director, Confidential

Catandra supported me in writing a business plan for my new company. Andy provided excellent tools to bring structure to my ideas and vision, which combine excellently with his knowledge and skills to formulate a working document that will be core to the success of my business. He is professional, knowledgeable and prompt.

Founder, Dog and Duck Woodwork

I met Andy via a networking group, but immediately got the impression he knew his stuff.

Andy’s previous experience, combined with the Stages growth model he’s talked me through has really helped me understand and focus on future growth activities. I think his advice can have an impact on business performance and growth in real terms.


Manging Director, Sense Media

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