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The Catandra Team

As a small business consultant, I help you identify the problems, and find achievable ways to fix them. 

What sort of problems? Well, here’s the thing:

More time, more money, happier customers, better sales figures, confusion about the future direction… I could go on, but you already know. The problems are the reason you’re here. 

It’s about digging out the root cause, untangling the knots and clearing a path to where you want to be. And you’re busy. That’s what I’m here for.

My name is Andy Wheeler. Call me on 01273 483 438 and we’ll have a quick chat. If you prefer to write, hit the button below. 

Consultant for small businesses who want to grow bigger


I help you step back from the hard graft and focus on the forward direction. It’s a chance to clear your vision.



It could be general uncertainty about the objective, or a specific issue which keeps holding you back.



We untangle the real issue — the obstacle in the road. It’s often unexpected. Sometimes, a revelation.


I come up with unique, creative solutions. From time-saving processes to coaching you and your teams.


I’m there with you, on the ground, delivering practical help to make sure everything works as it should.


Relief from frustration and stress. The business is running smoothly. You’re making more money for less work.

Client Testimonials

Positive impact on business performance

"Andy’s previous experience, combined with the growth models he’s talked me through has really helped me understand and focus on future growth activities. I think his advice can have an impact on business performance and growth in real terms."

Rob Stead
MD, Sense Media

Successful projects

"I have worked on 2 projects with Andy and both were very successful. Andy has great networks, is extremely diligent, professional and a good judge of character. He delivers on his time frames and is always very accessible."

Keith Black
CEO, Regatta

Bringing structure to ideas and vision

"Andy helped me write a business plan for my new business. He provided excellent tools to bring structure to my ideas and vision, which combine excellently with his knowledge and skills to formulate a working document that will be core to the success of my business. He is professional, knowledgeable and prompt."

Dave Bockett-Pugh
Founder, Dog & Duck

Superb from start to finish

“I look forward to working with you again in the future – the service you have offered, start to finish, has been superb.”

Anne-Marie Blanke
HR Director, Martin Brower

Strategy to deliver objectives

“I have recently established my business and I was grateful that I have been able to spend some time with Andy Wheeler who has used tools developed through Catandra to provide me with support. This has enabled me to review the positioning of my business and how I might target my strategy to deliver my objectives.”

Phil Boyle
Founder, BG Racing

Expert in his field

Andy Wheeler is a very professional business coach. I have recently attended one of his event courses and he really does know his stuff. He will go that extra mile for you. His course is very informative and this has been so helpful to me. He is certainly an expert in this field and I would highly recommend him.

Vicki Etherington
Founder, Vicki Luisa Jewellery

Feeling energised for positive change

Any helped us to look at our business from a different perspective, to step back and reassess our goals and motivations. The session was tailored to our specific industry, he had done his homework, and was well prepared and professional throughout. We left with a framework that we could use to analyse every aspect of our operations, feeling energised and ready to make some positive changes!

Ben Tucker
Co-Owner, Cloak and Dagger Brewing

business consultancy tablet
business consultancy laptop

Objectives, strategy and practical hands-on support

Where do you want to be? It’s my job to help you plan the future — the longer-term objective — because when you’re focused on the day-to-day, it’s hard to see further than next week.

What isn’t working for you? From an outside expert perspective, I can quickly spot the snags… and I’m a natural problem-solver so I know how to untangle them.

We build a strategy, then put it into practice. I can work with you to get things sorted, or roll up my sleeves and do it myself.

All the while you get guidance, support and advice from someone who’d been there, done it and solved pretty much every business issue there is.

Let’s have a chat. Tell me what’s going on, ask questions and see what you think. Call 01273 483 438 or hit the button below.

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