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A reputation can help you attract the best people and clients who want to work with you.

Building a Strong Business Reputation

Considering Internal and External Perceptions

“The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavour to be what your desire to appear” (Socrates) Everyone engaged with your company creates their own perception of it, a bad business reputation may lose you a big client or the best candidates. Whilst some factors fall outside your control, through managing those that do you can build a better business reputation.

Factors that Impact Reputation

  • Company Image
  • Staff Values
  • Customer Opinions
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Culture
  • Glassdoor
  • Digital Presence
  • Social Media
  • Business Performance
  • Your Story

Tell Your Story

Business reputations can take years to build and seconds to destroy, carefully managing the factors within your control can create a company that clients want to work with and candidates want to work for. By telling your own story you create interest and develop your own business reputation, if you simply imitate other companies you will never connect with your clients.

Common business challenges

Reputation Video

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Enhance your Reputation

Research Company Image Searching for your company will yield a range of views.
Value Customer Opinions Reviews are an opportunity to gather feedback and engage with customers.
Culture Companies with good culture make headlines and generate positive PR.
Build Digital Presence Are you publishing content that makes you a thought leader in your market.
Monitor Business Performance “Success breeds success”. Strong performance generates interest.
Understand Staff Values Are you staff promoting your business or complaining away from work.
Create Brand Loyalty Repeat business is a sign you are doing something right.
Review Glassdoor The first place many candidates look when researching a business.
Accept Social Media Engaging with clients and candidates across social media can create engagement and enhance reputation.
Tell Your Story Do you have a story to tell that creates a personality for your business.

Does your reputation tell the story you want it to? 

Your business reputation is closely linked to your company vision and values, if you are unsure what these are this article may help.

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