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What was covered?

We explored product, positioning and distribution.

More specifically we gave these a context:

  • Your product must developed with your target customers in mind, 
  • Positioning should be created not accepted,
  • Working with the right strategic partners enables you to effectively distribute your products.

These 3 elements help form the foundation of any business and by aligning them you can begin to create a strong product offering.

The image opposite highlights where they sit in our unique business workbook system.

Process Model Web Image

The Free Gift

Below is a summary of the concepts we explored with the corresponding visuals, this content is normally reserved for coaching clients.


A tough market it is not the time to spend heavily on new product development, instead we should consider what we already have and innovate it to meet our existing customers or develop new market channels.

For example, the wholesale baker developing a B2C offering using their existing B2B stock holding. 

Ask yourself:

  • What is our core offering?
  • What did our customers want before lockdown?
  • How can we re-package our products without diluting our brand?


Product Image
The Business Journey


Positioning is all about a ‘strategic choice of focus’, putting yourself at the forefront of your target customer’s mind.

For example, what is the world’s best selling soft drink? The 2nd? The 3rd? The 4th…..

Ask yourself:

  • Who is your market?
  • What is your product?
  • How do you deliver?
  • What value are you providing?


Distribution channels

The concept is that you can sell more product by partnering with businesses who already serve your target marker.

For example, Coca Cola sold over $31bn of drinks in 2018, none of these were sold directly by Coca Cola. They are all held and fulfilled by businesses who specalise in selling food and drink to customers; supermarkets, bars, restaurants etc.

Having defined your market as yourself:

  • Where do they shop?
  • Where are they interacting?
  • Who else is talking to this market?
  • Which complimentary businesses serve this market?

Bread & Jam Workshop

Creating a product focused strategy

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The Start-Up Catalyst 

Now more than ever businesses need certainty and support. For young companies it is even more critical, however, the right support is hard to find; especially given the financial constraints you have.

With this in mind, we have developed two products to support you:

I look forward to working with you again in the future – the service you have offered, start to finish, has been superb.

HR Director, Confidential

Catandra supported me in writing a business plan for my new company. Andy provided excellent tools to bring structure to my ideas and vision, which combine excellently with his knowledge and skills to formulate a working document that will be core to the success of my business. He is professional, knowledgeable and prompt.

Founder, Dog and Duck Woodwork

I met Andy via a networking group, but immediately got the impression he knew his stuff.

Andy’s previous experience, combined with the Stages growth model he’s talked me through has really helped me understand and focus on future growth activities. I think his advice can have an impact on business performance and growth in real terms.


Manging Director, Sense Media

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