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“I started Catandra to create a better work/life balance, reduce the stress of working a job I didn’t enjoy and to take personal responsibility for making more money.

It comes as no surprise that I attract clients who have the same ambitions.”

(Andy Wheeler, Founder)


Founded in 2015 Catandra is my business, based in Lewes, Sussex I have been delivering coaching and consultancy to SMEs for nearly 5 years.

As a business coaches I support business leaders who have the desire to improve performance and increase the long term value of their companies. The unique hybrid approach I emply coaches leadership teams and businesses to build the capabilities that enhance profitability and deliver sustainable growth.

Many business owners and leaders have the same ambitions:

  • Increase profits
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve work/life balance

The majority are not sure how to achieve this and need a little help, I bring clarity around what to do next.

Businesses with a vision typically perform 15% better than those without and this is often the beginning of the client journey.

Based in East Sussex I work with clients across the UK through face to face and online sessions.

Free Resources

To see how I work, there are a number of free resources that introduce my approach to business coaching, you can find them here.

Case Studies

We document client journeys and provide a number of case studies, you can find those that we have here.

Business Coaching & Consultancy

If you would like to learn more about my unique approach to business coaching and see why clients choose to work with me then please explore our methods.

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