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Who do I work with?
Business owners who want change but aren’t sure what that looks like.

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You’re good. Let’s make that count for something. 

You could be an experienced business owner, or an entrepreneur with a brilliant new idea.

Either way, you’re good at what you do —  and you have fun doing it… most of the time.  

Running a business can be tough. And lonely. When the desired outcome remains tantalisingly out of reach, it’s frustrating. How do you change the record? 

That’s why I’m here. As a business consultant, I help you step out of the day job, see more clearly, and do things differently.

It’s a chance to focus. Provided you’re ready to make some changes, you can ditch the frustration, save time and make more money from the business. 

Who do I work with?


You know what you need, but what’s the best way to get it? If your business turnover is £1-10 million, I can help.

busy business owners

You could achieve so much more… if only you had time. I can help you get more done, with less wasted effort.


You have a budget but need guidance on focus and strategy — an expert steer in the right direction.

My name is Andy Wheeler. Are you ready for a chat? Call me on 01273 483 438 or if you prefer to write, hit the button below.

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