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“To help ambitious business owners succeed.

I recognise traits in business owners I see in myself. We get frustrated when we don’t get the results we want.

I founded Catandra to help business owners wrestling with the challenges of running a company. 

(Andy Wheeler, Founder)


Having grown up in Brighton, I have a strong connection to the area and a desire to support local people and businesses. My role as a non-executive director for the Sussex Chamber of Commerce enables me to do this on a voluntary basis.

I founded Catandra in 2015 to help other business owners and leaders build companies to achieve the commercial, cultural and personal objectives they desire.

Brighton Business Coach
Lewes Business Coaching

Based in Lewes, East Sussex, I have been supporting business owners and leaders across the UK for over 5 years. The clients I work with typically feel frustrated because they are not getting the results they want.

The same things keep happening with the same results; the don’t know why this is or what to do.

I support these business owners who have the desire to make positive change and build the businesses they aspire to.

My dad is an engineer and gave me an engineering brain; ever since I can remember I’ve had a passion for understanding how things work. When I was a kid I would take things apart to see what was inside before putting them back together – not always with total success!

A career working in different businesses made me realise that I was always coming up with creative solutions to problems others just couldn’t see. It was like having a bit of magic that added real value.

In truth I’m an entrepreneur at heart, when I founded Catandra I decided to focus my passion, creativity and problem-solving brain to do something totally unique.

I realised that helping people visualise their situations enabled them to see new solutions, this is how the hybrid system was born.

A management consultant is too technical and rigid.

A business coach is too abstract for most business owners.

Visual problem solving involves a blend of coaching and consultancy; together we map out your business and identify the steps to move forwards.


Andy Wheeler Business Coach and Consultant

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Many business owners and leaders have the same ambitions:

  • Increase profits
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve work/life balance

In reality many go round in circles experiencing the same problems. Unsure how to identify and tackle the core issues, looking for a little help. My system brings clarity around how to move forwards.

Based in East Sussex I work with clients across the UK through face to face and online sessions.

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