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I have worked on 2 projects with Catandra and both were very successful.

Andy is extremely diligent and professional. He delivers on his time frames and is always very accessible.

Keith B

CEO, Confidential

Catandra helped me create a business plan for my new company. Andy provided excellent tools to bring structure to my ideas and vision, which combine with his knowledge and skills to create a working document that will be core to the success of my business. 

Dave B

Founder, Confidential

Catandra - hybrid business coaches and consultants

Business leaders have an idea of their vision but in practice are not sure how to achieve it and need support.

As business coaches we bring clarity to business leaders like you in defining and delivering your vision.

For most business owners and directors this means building:

  • A more profitable business;
  • A more valuable business;
  • A more enjoyable business.
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