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Short articles that explore the work Catandra does as business coaches and consultants, we also introduce some of our unique models.

Visualise your Team Structure

Visualise your Team Structure

Could visualising your team help you transform your business in 2022? Every business I have worked with has the desire to do something great; having the right people within the right structure is often holding them back. Most businesses start small, recruitment is...
What is Catalytic Questioning

What is Catalytic Questioning

What is Catalytic Questioning Catalytic questioning is a problem-solving approach developed by Hal Gregson, a Director at MIT. This underused system is an innovative development on the traditional brainstorming session, rather than focussing quick solutions we ask...

The Best Business Growth Model

I’ve developed the best business growth model and it is not what you think Prior to launching a new coaching system for business owners, I have been reviewing the different business growth models that exist. The desired outcome I am looking for is a model that is...

The Progress Cycle

The Progress Cycle This model attracted a fair amount of comments and direct messages when I put something out on Linekdin. I thought I should elaborate on it slightly. In my opinion these models, tools etc are a waste of space if they are not coached and applied in...
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