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Everybody in business has their own vision of what success looks like. But, in our experience, it’s never a single vision – rather it’s a series of visions that change with time.

There will be what success looks like today, next week, next year and a lot further down the line.

More importantly, as each success is achieved it will redefine the vison of what the next success looks like in the journey.

However, most business owners will get stuck at some point on this journey. This is where innovative business problem solving delivers powerful solutions.

Being stuck in your business is claustrophobic – it feels like you will never be able to relax and breath again.

> Too busy constantly playing catch up?

> Panicking that sales are weak and marketing is not working?

> Unhappy with the culture of the business and can’t face the office?

> Have you lost sight of your finances and it scares you? 

Through exploring the real causes behind these core problems you can be released of the daily pressure.

Business Problem Solving
Business Innovative Problem Solving Map

Companies are complex and layered – How do you see what is going on as a business owner? 

We start small but, over time, complexities take over and we get stuck in day to day operations. “We feel out of our depth.”

Maps continue to help explorers navigate their way around the world and are key in exploring business processes.

This is why I developed the problem identifier map. It enables business owners to see how their company works.

We use it to highlight and tackle the real source of the core problems that are causing frustration.


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Every relationship kicks off with a discovery call, this lets you explore how we could work together.

> Where are you currently?

> Where do you want to get to?

> What is holding you back?

Take the next step in building the business you aspire to run by asking yourself these questions:

> What challenges are you facing?

> How are they impacting you and the business?

> What are the real factors at play?

> What can you do about them?

Business Coach Discovery Call


During your business life, or the lifetime of a business, decisions will cascade one after the other. Most you will be equipped to make – after all that’s your role as a business owner; you make judgements and ensure they are carried out.

But as the really pivotal moments present themselves, around changes of strategy or your own work-life balance and personal direction, it can be really beneficial to explore and exhaust possibilities with somebody outside of the organisation. Being that ‘somebody’ is what my core business is all about.

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Think of us as a personal trainer for your business. By engaging with your vision together we will identify gaps in the business before designing and implementing a strategic plan for growth.

With a hybrid approach of management consultancy, mentoring and business coaching. We develop your capability as a business owner and provide support to you at every stage. We look forward to talking with you.

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